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About The Summit

April 1-3, 2022

a dynamic transfer of vision and influence

the black business summit

Kimberly R. Stewart

The Black Business Summit & Expo is the greatest annual gathering of black business owners, black professionals, and supporters of black business.

Each year we come together to network, educate, advocate, and advance through culture and creativity.

Join hundreds of others for a weekend that will upgrade your business in key areas, guranteed.

championing legacy...

"Every day, in every way, we are redefining what's possible through entrepreneurship, ownership, and creativity."

our story...

Originating in 2019, the Black Business Summit & Expo was the first gathering of it's kind in Florida. "The Summit" as it became known, was hyper-focused on connecting business, culture, and creativity in ways no other business conference ever has.

In March 2019, hundreds of black business owners, black professionals, leaders, and legislators, spent a day thriving. And after a brief hiatus out of caution for COVID 19, we're back for 2022!

The best part? We've expanded from a single day conference, into a weekend of outstanding events.

this year's focus...

We recognize that business breeds influence. We empower change using the multilingual voice of business.

Nothing connects us like the communities we identify with. Community connects and advances us all.

Life truly flourishes, when we take ownership. It’s paramount that we learn to own the property, product, and process.

We will never, ever, ever…
abandon the culture of our heritage.

One of our greatest gifts to the world is our creativity, and it should flow through all our business endeavors.

Givers leave legacies. When we are able to offer ourselves to those we connect, we create legacies that are unbreakable.

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The Black Business Summit raises funds to support entrepreneurial programs for under represented youth. Including Project Future a 9-week cohort program for high school students.

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