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Rose Lejiste

Executive Director, Black Orlando Tech

topic: The Intersection of Business and Technology

Black Business Summit Speaker Rose Lejiste

The Intersection of Business and Technology

Rose LeJiste is the CEO of RL Engineering and Tech Solutions. Born and raised in South Florida, the proud daughter of Haitian immigrants Rose cut her teeth in the world of STEM working at Kennedy Space Center for 15 years.


She is an expert in data analytics, business intelligence and optimization, reliability/safety engineering, and holds certifications in numerous very high demand tech areas.


Rose currently serves as the Executive Director for Black Orlando Tech (BOT), a nonprofit committed to accelerating minority careers and entrepreneurship in tech. She facilitates the BOT’s “Tech Startup Series”, a program focused on ensuring that black startup founders have a solid business foundation.


Rose uses her experience to speak at various tech conferences, mentor black and brown youth, and provide guidance to young people of color who are just starting their professional careers. She is a mentor and advisor with several nonprofit organizations and loves to volunteer within her community sharing her lessons learned from her life experiences and her STEM expertise.


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